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Slovenia 2018

MTCE Autumn Meeting 2018: Julian Alps / Slovenia

Road to Vršic pass The majestic Julian Alps and the wild and romantic Soca valley pull many bikers over the Austrian or Italian border. The border triangle is a perfect playground ensuring appropriate bike welfare. Here you will find hundreds of highlights close together. Climb up the cobbled hairpin bend of the Vršic-pass, meander along the kitschy blue Soca river or explore the gravel roads up to World War I forts where the soil was red a hundred years ago. This area has got something for everyone, including side trips to the Southern Limestone Alps of Friuli and the Karawanks.

The MTCE meeting 2018 took place September 2nd - September 7th, 2018.

Our camp was in Bovec close to the Triglav National Park.


  • A day trip through the Slovenian Alps including a visit to Bled Lake.
  • Visit of the capital of Slovenia, Laibach or better known for most of us as Ljubljana.
  • Trip through Italy.
  • Visit of Karinthia Austria, lakes and passes or Villach and/or Klagenfurt.

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