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Normandy 2013

MTCE Spring Special 2013: Normandy, France

It may not be always the Côte d’Azur. High up in the north of France the Normandy boasts its fantastic coastline. And the outback is at least as beatiful as the coast

NormandyDo not come her at August. Or at a sunny weekend. At these dates Normandy is a nightmare. If you are looking for the maximum lean angle, you should look out for another area too. But if you come here, you will find a region where heaven, water, and earth collude that spectacular that impressionism emerged right here.

Let’s start in Mettet to go to le Tréport, the nice fishermen’s village, which squeezes itself between the steep and floral white cliffs of the Alabaster Coast. And we proceed along the coast. With salty lips and the roaring of the waves in the ears we reach Dieppe, the oldest resort at the coast. It holds its gorgeous facades against the floods. Tiny Département-roads lead through the back country, passing along hedges as tall as towers. And again we are high above the cliff line, until some switchbacks lead down to Fécamp. One or two triggers of the throttle and we reach Étretat, which you will find in every travel guide. That's not only because of its medieval timber framing inner city, but especially because of the most beautiful beach at the channel coast, framed by impressive white rock needles and gates.

NormandyHanging at 215m high pillars, the Pont de Normandie crosses the Seine. At the other side we coast into the romantic Honfleur, the lovely town that always attracted the painters. Deauville, the glamorous seaside resort, may not only be recommended to drivers of the homonymous Honda. But lets go to the hinterland now. To Châteaux, wehre pompous manor houses expand their little towers above the hedges. Warped stud work houses group together to respectable little towns. Cows browse under apple trees. Normandy - a picture-perfect location, the Pays d´Auge is a dream. But do not forget the culinary pleasures: If you cross Pont-l´Eveque or Camembert, tasting a piece of the corresponding cheese is a must.

NormandyThe small roads meander to Beuvron-en-Auge, the most beautiful village of the region. Then we go up to the coast again - Sword Beach, Gold Beach, Omaha Beach - the allies landed here 1944 to free Europe. Soil steeped in history, and no town at the coast without its own D-Day museum.

Last but not least - of course - Mont St. Michel. The monastery hill, rising up of the floods towards the heaven. You do not have to go to the hill itself, you will see its silhouette more than 10km in advance. And here, where it is wrapped with of aura of mysticism, you have the most beautiful view.

Time to head back home.


The MTCE Spring Meeting took place May 27th to May 31st, 2013.

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