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MTCE Tour 2020: The Balkans

MTCE Tour 2020: The Balkans

Eight sections - six countries. Eight sections - seven countries
The MTCE Tour 2020 will be from May 31st to June 10th, 2020.
The tour in 2020 will go through one of the wildest areas in Europe. Gorgeous nature from the coast to the mountains; a turbulent history for several thousand years. Whatever you are looking for, you will be captivated by the area and its fantastic ambience.
The tour starts in Slovenia near Trieste and will end in Durres in Albania. From Durres you can take the ferry back to Trieste or to other destinations in Italy. Or you expand the adventure and go to Greece.
The planing is still ongoing. Hence the schedule is just a draft estimation yet.

Preliminary schedule:

Adriatic Highway Albanian mountains Section 1: Trieste - Gospic
 From the coast into the wild mountains.
Sarajevo Tara River Canyon
Section 2: Gospic - Sinj
 Gems of the Adriatic Highway.
Section 3: Sinj - Sarajewo
 Milestones of history.
Section 4: Sarajewo - Nikšic
 The deep crack in the earth.
Section 5: Nikšic - Shkodra
 Highlights of the South.
Section 6: Shkodra - Kukës
 Mountains made for motor cycling.
Section 7: Kukës - Pogradec
 The deep old lake.
Section 8: Pogradec - Durres
 Back to the coast.

MTCE Tour 2020: The Balkans  

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