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MTCE The MTCE is a community of motorbike riders spread of the whole of Europe (and beyond). We love touring biking to meet friends and learn about other countries and cultures.
We are neither related to any brand nor is there any political, religious, commercial, or other background except the passion for motorcycling.
Our main platform is the MTCE Forum. Have a look and join in!


MTCE Summer Meeting 2024: Sweden

We are planning a meeting in the middle of Sweden in August 2024.

MTCE Summer Meeting 2024: Sweden  Join in the discussion about the meeting and register on the meeting page on the forum.

MTCE Tour 2023: The Balkans

The grand Balkans Tour 2023 took place from May 14th to May 23rd.

MTCE Tour 2023: The Balkans  Refer to the tour page for more information.

MTCE Tour 2023: The Balkans  Refer also to the meeting pages on the forum.

Meetings 2022:

Unfortunately there was no meeting in 2022 due to the corona crisis.

Meetings 2021:

There was an End of Season Meeting at the Thuringian Forest in the middle of Germany form Friday, September 24th to Sunday, September 26th.

End of Season Meeting 2021  Refer to the meeting board on the forum for photos and further information.

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